Bringing the body to a state of well being from a compromised condition is a process. A deficient, over burdened and/or toxic body must first be cleansed, damaged cells must be recreated, deficiencies repaired, and the sources of ill health manifesting as symptoms must be corrected before well being can fully express itself. Symptoms are the body's call for help, advising that something needs attention. To countermand that cry for help with drugs or procedures that prevent the body from corrective measures does not "cure" the symptoms, it merely masks them. So called side-effects from prescription drugs (man-made chemicals) is a more benign way of calling them dangerous. Such measures will ultimately take their toll.

Since most people are in a compromised state already, it is easy to misinterpret what the body is doing as it goes through the process of coming into balance. Often people (including medical doctors) interpret different responses such as healing or cleansing reactions as an allergic reaction and reject a product just when it may be doing the most good.

Homeostatin has been produced to make a difference. You define what that means for you. If you are not satisfied within 30 days, your purchase price will be refunded less any shipping and handling charges. Simply call to let us know your intention and return the unused portion of the product to us in its original container following the instructions on the Order Form or instructions given to you during a conversation with someone on staff at the Lifestar office.