Homeostatin Instructions


How to use it for Celiac Disease



Homeostatin comes in a five (5) ounce spray bottle. There are approximately 200 sprays in each bottle.

Disregard any instructions on the product label regarding how to use it.

Take two (2) sprays into the mouth at six (6) hour intervals while awake. Leave in the mouth moving the liquid around using the tongue for at least thirty (30) seconds. The product works through absorption into the live cells of the oral mucosa. It does not have any known chemical effects in the body.

Taking more than the recommendation may be a waste of the product.

Use Homeostatin for at least one (1) week before testing yourself for gluten intolerance.

Take Homeostatin until your gluten intolerance is gone. The body will usually provide this within 30 days at the recommended usage interval.

The bottle may be carried with you with no need to keep refrigerated.


What is Celiac Disease?