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Q. Is Homeostatin a cure?

A. No. The idea that a person can buy or be given something that knows how to cure anything is a well developed myth (a belief system). It attributes "magic" as a property of that product. It doesn't matter if it is a prescription drug or a food supplement. Just as an ink pen doesn't know how to spell a word or write a letter, or a hammer to drive a nail into a block of wood, objects have no knowledge of how to do anything. The only subject that knows how to cure itself is the human body, as the body is self aware. It began as a single cell and knew how to create itself in all directions at the same time. Call that self awareness anything you want, God, Consciousness, Source, The Light, Nature or what ever, it is obvious that it does not occur as a result of random chemical interactions as claimed by science. When the process began there was no brain to run anything, no nervous system, bones, arteries, veins, blood or heart to pump it, no organs, skin or hair. Go on and on and it's obvious that present was Awareness of how to accomplish such a process, and from a minimum of raw material only available directly from Nature.

Q. So how does the Homeostatin do what it does?

A. Homeostatin doesn't know how to do anything. The body knows what to do with it.

Q. How is Homeostatin produced?

A. Homeostatin is derived from first day raw colostrum from healthy dairy cows that are free of antibiotics and man made growth hormones or other drugs. It is not damaged from pasteurization, strong magnetic fields or high pump pressures to name a few. The specific derivatives are separated out of the colostrum in a multi-step proprietary process in a sterile environment.

Q. Does Homeostatin contain colostrum?

A. No. The body responds to Homeostatin completely different than it responds to colostrum.

Q. Is there anything else like Homeostatin?

A. Not that we are aware of. There are counterfeits whose manufacturers or distributors are using our Cytolog web site to make claims for their products, which is fraudulent. We have named several of them on our web site that appear to be doing just that.

Q. Is Homeostatin guaranteed?

A. We can only guarantee your satisfaction, and not that Homeostatin will produce any specific outcome. That would be a medical claim. By example, if you claimed that water can cure your thirst, that would classify the water as a drug pursuant to the rules developed and enforced by the United States Food and Drug Administration. As admitted by a previous head of the FDA during a major network television interview, the primary purpose of the FDA is the promotion of prescription and non-prescription drugs and their use. We believe that this constitutes a conflict of interest as it negates that the implied purpose of the FDA is to provide a service to the Americzn people that protects them instead of imposing on them an unnatural form of medicine with it's suportive belief systems. It appears the FDA represents the pharmeutical companies and not the American people.

Q. What happens if Homeostatin doesn't work for the user?

A. The user may send back the unused portion of the product to us and receive a refund of the purchase price of the product. We must receive back to us any unused portion in its original container.

Q. How is Homeostatin sold?

A. Homeostatin is packaged as a liquid in a 5 ounce spray bottle. There are about 200 sprays in a bottle.

Q. How is Homeostatin used?

A. For use with Celiac Disease, we recommend 2 sprays into the mouth at 6 hour intervals while awake.

Q. How long does it take to produce results?

A. Usually less than 30 days with our current frequency of use recommendations. We have talked to those who have had results in resolution of their symptoms in less than one week. The results appear to be permanent. The longest period that we know of for the loss of the symptoms of Celiac Disease is about 23 years after using it for less than three months on the old dosage recommendation.

Q. Does Homeostatin have side effects?

A. Used internally or externally, we have never had the experience of any side effects of any kind.

Q. How much experience has Lifestar had with Homeostatin?

A. Lifestar is a 25 year old company and has been a master distributor of Homeostatin and under it's previous name Cytolog, for almost 20 years. We are the second most experienced in its use and its various applications and currently the world's only Master Distributor.

Q. How and where is Homeostatin sold?

A. Lifestar sells it directly to clients. We do not employ sales people or distributors, nor do we pay commissions, rebates, kick backs, bribes or solicit testimonials. An exception is we also sell to selected health Professionals who may resell.

Q. Is Homeostatin expensive?

A. At our suggested retail price of $36.00 U.S per bottle, we think it's a bargain. That price does not include shipping costs or appropriate sales tax if applicable.

Q. How does someone order Homeostatin?

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