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Pete W., Ohio.

Pete was an average guy. He loved beer, he loved his new wife and he loved the delicious breads and cakes she frequently baked. But Pete's life had its down side. As a landscape designer/installer he understood and accepted the pain he felt when his rheumatoid arthritis acted up. What bothered him most were the frequent and unexplained stomach cramps and diarrhea that had become so much a part of his life.

The mystery was solved when Pete's doctor told him he had become intolerant to gluten, the sticky component in wheat and other grains comprised of the two proteins gliadin and glutenin. Pete had biopsy-confirmed Celiac Disease. He no longer could consume any more beer, bread, cakes, noodles or anything else derived from grains. There was more bad news. This rare disease came without a cure and could be managed only through the strict avoidance of almost everything Pete loved to eat and drink. Then Pete got lucky. Two weeks after his diagnosis and within a few days of becoming bored with rice in almost everything he ate, Pete learned of a product derived from colostrum that had been reported to induce recovery from Celiac Disease.

Within a week he was taking Cytolog, and the week after, also beer, bread and cake. His stomach and his bowels seemed fine. Within two weeks the arthritis pain seemed so much less. After two months Pete's blood test confirmed that he no longer produced antibodies to gluten. Within three months Pete was off Cytolog and has remained symptom free for over 20 years.

Readers note:

Pete's story was chosen for two reasons.

It is consistent with the majority of other Cytolog/Celiac evaluations.
Because it demonstrates the likelihood that multiple conditions can respond simultaneously while on Cytolog.
(Full names have been abbreviated for privacy)



October 24, 2008

Joe - here is my testimonial about CytoLog. I am interested in hearing about your other products so please call me: 813-xxx-xxxx. I will leave a voicemail letting you know that I am emailing this.

Danielle Mxxxxxx

I am 31 years old and after taking CytoLog/Homeostatin for 4 days I am finally healthy for the first time in my life.

I was sick from the day I was born. At the age of 3 I was diagnosed with asthma and had many asthma attacks that lead me to the ER. At 10 they decided it was reflux induced asthma and I was on all sorts of acid reducing medicine. I was never a normal child who could go to a friend's house and eat over for dinner without worrying. I was always on a restricted diet and never felt well. At 12 I had surgery to correct my reflux; it helped but I still never felt well. I always had several runny bowel movements a day, severe stomach pain when I ate, anxiety and migraines. The doctors couldn't find anything wrong with me and told me it was probably in my head.

Four years ago my mom found some information on celiac and decided to go gluten free. She felt amazing and told me that she thought I had it too. I was in denial but tried the diet. A month later, after I had mastered eating at home gluten free and not contaminating myself, I felt wonderful. I was having one normal bowel movement a day, I could eat without having intense stomach pain. I wasn't peeing frequently, I didn't have migraines or anxiety, I had all this energy and felt wonderful.

It was great to finally put a name to this condition that had plagued me my entire life. Changing my diet was a simple fix but it was also a lonely one. I couldn't go out to dinner because I would get sick even if I ate off of a restaurant's gluten free menu, talked to the chef and ate plain food. I hated when we were invited to a friend's house for dinner or a party because I knew I wouldn't be able to eat. Socially, celiac disease is the worst.

So, one day I was searching online and stumbled across the CytoLog website. I didn't really believe it but I called the phone number and talked to Joe. It was so inexpensive so I decided I didn't have much to lose.

I got the spray in the mail and started taking it. I didn't feel any different but I remembered Joe said I would know when I was ok. After 4 days I went to take my spray and looked at the bottle and just knew I was ok. I got my 15 month old son (who up to this point was gluten free) and we drove to Panera's. I ordered a cinnamon crunch bagel and my son and I ate the whole thing. I wasn't afraid at all. That day we continued to eat all the food I had craved for years and I was fine.

Over two months later I am so happy that I don't have to worry about my son being different because he won't suffer from celiac. I no longer have to police him when we are around other people with food because he can eat anything he wants to. He will grow up healthy and normal. I now love being invited to cook outs and dinners because I can also eat whatever food is served. I am so thankful to CytoLog for changing my social life and allowing me to get back out there and interact with friends and family.

I can't say I understand it and some days I still don't believe it, but it worked.


Jul 1, 2011, at 1:03 PM, Darcy Hxxxxx wrote:

My cat Charlie, is just a year old.  He develops urinary crystals and has corona virus antibodies.  Corona virus is fatal in cats with no known cure.  In Charlie's case, the virus attacked his auto immune system, his muscles, and the optic nerve.  Charlie's eyes clouded over and he was blinded, the eyes were painful and he wouldn't open them, literally squeezing them shut.  He was limping and would lie down even when eating, scooping the food out of the bowl, it was pitiful to watch.  

The vet prescribed eyedrops and Metacam for pain.  She said the virus would run its course and though the prognosis was unknown, she was not optimistic the blindness would improve nor and that Charlie would survive.  I was told that if there were to be improvements, not to expect them for 6 weeks.  

I started Charlie on Cytolog - 1 spray every 6 hours and Genesis, aprox 1/2 tablespoon once a day for aprox a week then reduced the Genesis to every other day, but continued with the Cytolog.  At the 2 week re-check with the vet, they were stunned at the results and kept referring to the chart.  The cloudiness had completely disappeared.  His vision had been restored and is lameness had improved.  I believe the cytolog and genesis is to be credited with his recovery.

Charlie is doing well.  I'm sure he still has the Corona Virus, and I use cytolog to keep it at bay.  Since the Corona Virus is so contagious, I've also been giving it to his brother - so far, no indications that he's been infected.  

Both Charlie and his brother take the Cytolog willingly.  I spray it in a soup spoon and they lap it up.  Charlie will eat some dry Genesis from a plate , but for us, the best way to administer it is in a little milk and syringe.

Aletha,  I hope this is what you had in mind.  If it isn't, just let me know and I will rewrite it. Your supplements have changed my life. My celiacs is gone, and I haven't been sick since I've started on your products.  They have been a lifesaver for me..and Charlie and I am willing and eager to promote your products anyway I can.

Thought you might enjoy meeting Charlie and his brother Tutankhamen or King Tut for short.  Charlie is on the left, Tut is on the right




Happy 4th

darcy hxxxxx


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